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Apollo Lunar Module Descent Stage
Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly

The Apollo Lunar Module descent stage Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly (MESA) filled Quad I of the LM descent stage.  In the G-Series mission (Apollo 11) and H-Series missions (Apollos 12, 13, & 14) it was packed with equipment needed to explore and study the lunar surface (camera and geology equipment, mainly).  Later on the J-Series missions (Apollos 15-17) it also carried some parts of the Lunar Roving Vehicle, as well as supplies for extended lunar stay time by the LM crew (LiOH cans, PLSS batteries, etc.).

Click here to view a full list of the MESA contents for LM-5 (Apollo 11 “Eagle”).

The Mysteries of the MESA Revealed at last!!!

G & H-series MESA
J-Series MESA
MESA Deploy #1
MESA Deploy #2
MESA Deployment Mechanism

Above: Series of diagrams of the G- and J-Series MESA, and MESA Deployment

Armstrong practicing
Full thermal blanket view of G & H series MESA
3/4 view G&H series MESA
Front view
G&H series MESA
L & R side views G&H series MESA
view of G&H series MESA
w/o equipment

Above – right 4 photos are grainy B&W photos of the G- and H-Series MESA. Until recently these were the best images I could find of it.

Luna Spacey

Luna Spacey

Luna Spacey, a distinguished space researcher, earned her Ph.D. in Astrophysics from MIT, specializing in exotic matter near black holes. Joining NASA post-graduation, she significantly contributed to the discovery of gravitational waves, enriching cosmic understanding.With a 15-year stellar career, Luna has numerous published papers and is currently spearheading a dark matter research project. Beyond her profession, she’s an avid stargazer, dedicated to community science education through local school workshops.Luna also cherishes hiking and astrophotography, hobbies that harmoniously blend her admiration for nature and the cosmos, making her a revered figure in both the scientific and local communities.

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