A giant N-1 rocket sits on the pad at Baikonur Cosmodrome, circa 1969

*N-1 Launch Vehicle Characteristics

Block A
First Stage
Block B
Second Stage
Block V
Third Stage
Stage Specifications...
Lower diameter (meters/feet)16.8/55.110.3/33.77.6/24.9
Upper diameter (meters/feet)11/367.6/24.96.0/19.6
Height (meters/feet)30/98.420.5/67.211.5/37.7
Total stage mass (metric tons/tons)1870/2060.7540/595185/203.8
Fuel tank diameter (meters/feet)10.5/34.47.0/234.9/16
Oxidizer tank diameter (meters/feet)12.8/428.5/27.85.9/19.3
Number of main engines3084
Total thrust (metric tons/tons)4620/50911432/1578164/180.7
Nominal burn time (seconds)110130400
Number of roll control engines434
Roll control engine thrust (metric tons/tons)7/7.76/6.62/2.2
Main Engine Specifications
Engine designation (Type/Name)NK-33NK-43NK-39
OxidizerLiquid OxygenLiquid OxygenLiquid Oxygen
Thrust (metric tons/tons)154/169.7179/197.241/45.1
Specific Impulse (seconds)331348353

*N-1 Flight History

DateVehicle #PayloadMission Results
21 Feb 69N-1 3LL-1S/LK mockupFirst stage malfunction at T+70 sec, vehicle destroyed
3 July 69N-1 5LL-1S/LK mockupFirst stage malfunction before vehicle cleared the launch tower.  Vehicle and tower both destroyed
27 June 71N-1 6LnoneFirst stage malfunction, vehicle destroyed at T+51 sec
23 Nov 72N-1 7LLOK/LK mockupFirst stage malfunction, vehicle destroyed at T+107 sec

*Information for both tables taken from the book The Soviet Reach for the Moon by Nicholas L. Johnson.  If anyone has better information than this, please e-mail me and let me know and I will correct it ASAP.  Thanks!

Luna Spacey

Luna Spacey

Luna Spacey, a distinguished space researcher, earned her Ph.D. in Astrophysics from MIT, specializing in exotic matter near black holes. Joining NASA post-graduation, she significantly contributed to the discovery of gravitational waves, enriching cosmic understanding.With a 15-year stellar career, Luna has numerous published papers and is currently spearheading a dark matter research project. Beyond her profession, she’s an avid stargazer, dedicated to community science education through local school workshops.Luna also cherishes hiking and astrophotography, hobbies that harmoniously blend her admiration for nature and the cosmos, making her a revered figure in both the scientific and local communities.

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