A giant N-1 rocket sits on the pad at Baikonur Cosmodrome, circa 1969

*N-1 Launch Vehicle Characteristics

Block A
First Stage
Block B
Second Stage
Block V
Third Stage
Stage Specifications...
Lower diameter (meters/feet)16.8/55.110.3/33.77.6/24.9
Upper diameter (meters/feet)11/367.6/24.96.0/19.6
Height (meters/feet)30/98.420.5/67.211.5/37.7
Total stage mass (metric tons/tons)1870/2060.7540/595185/203.8
Fuel tank diameter (meters/feet)10.5/34.47.0/234.9/16
Oxidizer tank diameter (meters/feet)12.8/428.5/27.85.9/19.3
Number of main engines3084
Total thrust (metric tons/tons)4620/50911432/1578164/180.7
Nominal burn time (seconds)110130400
Number of roll control engines434
Roll control engine thrust (metric tons/tons)7/7.76/6.62/2.2
Main Engine Specifications
Engine designation (Type/Name)NK-33NK-43NK-39
OxidizerLiquid OxygenLiquid OxygenLiquid Oxygen
Thrust (metric tons/tons)154/169.7179/197.241/45.1
Specific Impulse (seconds)331348353

*N-1 Flight History

DateVehicle #PayloadMission Results
21 Feb 69N-1 3LL-1S/LK mockupFirst stage malfunction at T+70 sec, vehicle destroyed
3 July 69N-1 5LL-1S/LK mockupFirst stage malfunction before vehicle cleared the launch tower.  Vehicle and tower both destroyed
27 June 71N-1 6LnoneFirst stage malfunction, vehicle destroyed at T+51 sec
23 Nov 72N-1 7LLOK/LK mockupFirst stage malfunction, vehicle destroyed at T+107 sec

*Information for both tables taken from the book The Soviet Reach for the Moon by Nicholas L. Johnson.  If anyone has better information than this, please e-mail me and let me know and I will correct it ASAP.  Thanks!

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