Soviet Manned Lunar Program Gallery

Sergei Pavlovich Korolev
Father of Russian
Father of Russian Cosmonautics Vasiliy Pavlovich Mishin Successor to Korolev and the doomed moon program

Eurodisney LK Exhibit
an Internet Exclusive

All of the Eurodisney LK photographs in this section were graciously donated to MLSM by Mr. Michel Koivisto, from Sweden.

More LK Soviet Lunar Lander
photos & information

.LK Interior Detail Shots

All of the LK photographs in this section were graciously donated by Mr. Brett Harrison.  If you enjoy the photos, please email him and tell him “Thanks!”.

.Kretchet extravehicular lunar spacesuit

.Lunniy Orbital’niy Korabl
(LOK) Spacecraft

.Nositel N-1 Launch Vehicle

Zond 7K L-1 Circumlunar Spacecraft
and Proton Launch Vehicle

Luna Spacey

Luna Spacey

Luna Spacey, a distinguished space researcher, earned her Ph.D. in Astrophysics from MIT, specializing in exotic matter near black holes. Joining NASA post-graduation, she significantly contributed to the discovery of gravitational waves, enriching cosmic understanding.With a 15-year stellar career, Luna has numerous published papers and is currently spearheading a dark matter research project. Beyond her profession, she’s an avid stargazer, dedicated to community science education through local school workshops.Luna also cherishes hiking and astrophotography, hobbies that harmoniously blend her admiration for nature and the cosmos, making her a revered figure in both the scientific and local communities.

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