Soviet/Russian Orlan spacesuit and SPK manned manuevering unit

This section has been added as a follow-up to the Soviet Union Krechet suit page, because the Orlan suit owes so much of it’s design to the Krechet.  The Orlan is being used to this day on board the International Space Station.

Above: Orlan M on EVA on Mir.  Note that the “CCCP” Soviet Union flag (left shoulder) seen on the Orlan below (and top right on this page) has been replaced by the flag of the Russian Federation. Also note the Mir program patch on the right shoulder

Mr.Michael Koivisto,a great contributor to My Little Space Museum,stands next to an Orlan suit display.
The helmet. Note the twin mikes in the comm carrier.
Primary controls in Cyrillic text
Primary controls in Cyrillic text
Pressure table written on right suit glove
3/4 view
Left side view
testing fit
of Orlan suit
same as at left

Above: First 6 photos courtesy Mr. Michael Koivisto.

Backpack/rear hatch details. 
Compare to this photo of Krechet 
Replaceable items in backpack

Above: Backpack interior details

Early Orlan inboard during EVA prep
Orlan M on EVA

Above: 5 photos of the Orlan suit on display with the Eurodisney LK Lunar Landing Vehicle.  Note that the exterior thermal layer is not applied, showing the underlying details of the suit.

Zvezda SPK/YMK Manned Manuevering Unit

The SPK Manned Manuevering Unit was flown tethered twice outside the Mir space station.
Left attached to the Mir, it was destroyed when that vehicle reentered earth’s atmosphere.

Above: Left, center, and right views of Orlan-SPK EVA configuration.
Note the similarity to US MMU.  The right glove of suit has been removed and
the right arm of SPK is folded down.  A small white pack at display’s basewas worn at waist while on EVA.  It is probably a tether reel pack.
Right photo is of rear of SPK, showing flaps opened to reveal main prop tanks.

Above Left: Closeup from photo above, left center.  Right hand controller, stowed
Center: Left hand controller, deployed
Right: Closeup from center photo of left hand controller

Nice photo of the Orlan-SPK on EVA
Luna Spacey

Luna Spacey

Luna Spacey, a distinguished space researcher, earned her Ph.D. in Astrophysics from MIT, specializing in exotic matter near black holes. Joining NASA post-graduation, she significantly contributed to the discovery of gravitational waves, enriching cosmic understanding.With a 15-year stellar career, Luna has numerous published papers and is currently spearheading a dark matter research project. Beyond her profession, she’s an avid stargazer, dedicated to community science education through local school workshops.Luna also cherishes hiking and astrophotography, hobbies that harmoniously blend her admiration for nature and the cosmos, making her a revered figure in both the scientific and local communities.

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